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Nata Ales. Industrial Design. New York.

With a creative passion and intuition for Architectural Glass, Nata Ales, a designer, based in New York, has established herself as a designer, who has transcended beyond the ordinary cliches.


Rather than simply producing architectural glass at one manufacturing location, using a single set of machines, she carefully managed to combined a variety of production possibilities, using different equipment, which give her options for a new achieves of the glass capabilities.


The product Ales has created is a unique combination of function and beauty that incorporated from Hotel to Residential, and from Furniture to Commercial. Her charming, intelligent style of glass has revolutionized the industry through the implemention of modern techniques and materials.


Nata Ales exposure has been worldwide, with projects expanding throughout the United States, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom,  United Arabic Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,  Australia, Singapore, India and China. 


Kazunori Kawamoto


Sasaki Mokko Co,

Hiroshima, Japan

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